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Cranberry Management Information

Best Management Practices for Cranberry

2023 Irrigation Water Use GAAMPS

2023 Pesticide Utilization and Pest Control GAAMPs

2023 Cranberry Production GAAMPs

For updated GAAMPs, see

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Cranberry Production (pdf)

Chemigation Best Management Practices (pdf)

Determining the Effectiveness of Surface Water BMPs (pdf)

Evaluation of Efforts to Reduce Pesticides in Bog Drainage (pdf)

Final Report-BMPs for Cranberry Farms (pdf)

Water Resource Protection and Enhancement BMP (pdf)

For more resources, see

Cranberry Nutrition

Cranberries a Nutrient Management Guide for South Coastal Oregon (pdf)

Answers to Common Nutrition Questions (pdf)

Cranberry Tissue Testing for Producing Beds in North America (pdf)

Fertilizers-Types, Reactions, and Responses (pdf)

How Much Phosphorus Fertilizer is Really Needed (pdf)

How to Take a Cranberry Tissue Sample (pdf)

Tissue Testing of Cranberries (pdf)

Nitrate in Cranberry Irrigation Water (pdf)

Nitrogen Fertilization (pdf)

Nitrogen for Bearing Cranberries in North America (pdf)

Nutrient Management Guide-South Coastal Oregon (pdf)

Phosphorous Management in Cranberry Systems-Massachusetts (pdf)

Phosphorous, Potassium, and Minor Element Fertilization (pdf)

Phosphorus for Bearing Cranberries in North America (pdf)

Taking and Interpreting Soil and Tissue Samples (pdf)

Temporal and Spatial Changes in soil pH of Cranberry Beds (pdf)

Toxicity of Minor Elements (pdf)

Understanding Soil Nutrients for Cranberries (pdf)

Cranberry Pollination

Beekeeping 101 for Cranberry Growers (pdf)

Cranberry Pollination and Bumblebees (pdf)

What Can You Do to Improve Cranberry Pollination (pdf)

Irrigation Information

Solid Set Catch Can Test v7-2010 (Nelson) (xls)

Irrigation Water Measurement as a Management Tool (pdf)

Managing Irrigation Water Quality for Crop Production (pdf)

Simple Cranberry Irrigation System Assessment (pdf)

Tensiometer Use in Scheduling Irrigation (pdf)

Useful Conversions and Formulas (pdf)

Using Ultrasonic Flow Meters in Irrigation Applications (pdf)

Irrigation Uniformity (pdf)

Irrigation System Assessment Checklist-Cranberry Edition (pdf)

Irrigation Formulas and Conversions (pdf)

Guidelines-Use of Propeller-Type Irrigation Water Meters (pdf)

Efficiencies and Water Losses of Irrigation Systems (pdf)

Detailed Cranberry Irrigation System Assessment (pdf)

Cranberry Irrigation Management-Kim Patten (pdf)

Irrigation and Uniformity in Cranberries-Troy Peters (pdf)

Irrigation Fundamentals-Troy Peters (pdf)

Construction, Installation & Use of Water Level Floats (pdf)

Cranberry Irrigation Management (pdf)

Cranberry Irrigation Water Management (pdf)

Pesticide Laws and Application Information

Understanding Pesticide Persistence (pdf)

Preventing Water Contamination & Pesticide Drift-Checklist (pdf)

Hand Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet (pdf)

Chemigation Assessment Checklist (pdf)

Calibrating Boom Sprayers (pdf)

Calculating Chemigation Injection Rates (pdf)

Boom Sprayer Calibration Steps Worksheet (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v5 (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v5 (docx)

WSDA Pesticide Record v4 (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v4 (docx)

WSDA Pesticide Record v3 (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v3 (docx)

WSDA Pesticide Record v2 (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v2 (docx)

WSDA Pesticide Record v1 (pdf)

WSDA Pesticide Record v1 (docx)

WAC 16-228 General Pesticide Rules 2023 (pdf)

WAC 16-202-2001 Fertigation (docx)

WAC 16-202-1001 Chemigation (docx)

RCW 17.21 WA Pesticide Application Act 2023 (pdf)

RCW 15.58 WA Pesticide Control Act 2023 (pdf)

List Alternative Devices Expanded List (pdf)

Cranberry Production

The Physiology of Cranberry Yield (pdf)

Terminology for Cranberry Bud Development and Growth (pdf)

Cranberry Production in Wisconsin (pdf)

Cranberry Production in the PNW (pdf)

Cranberry Plant-Soil Water Relations and Mycorrhizal Colonization (pdf)

2007 North American Cranberry Research & Extension Workers Conference (pdf)

2019 Crop Profile for Cranberry in Canada (pdf)

Planting New Cranberry Beds (pdf)

Fall to Winter Cranberry Plant Hardiness (pdf)

Other Information

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