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Cranberry IPM and Insect Pest Information

Pest Management Guides

2018 Cranberry Pest Management Guide (pdf)

2018 PNW Cranberries Weeds Pest Management Handbook

2018 PNW Cranberries Disease Management Handbook

2018 PNW Cranberries Insect Management Handbook

Cranberry Insect Pests

Blackheaded Fireworm-Massachustts (pdf)

Blackheaded Fireworm-Wisconsin (pdf)

Brown Cranberry Spanworm (pdf)

Cranberry Fruitworm (WSU) (pdf)

Cranberry Fruitworm-Wisconsin (pdf)

Cranberry Girdler (pdf)

Cranberry Stem Gall (pdf)

Cranberry Tipworm (pdf)

Cranberry Weevil (pdf)

Dearness Scale (pdf)

Green Cranberry Spanworm (pdf)

Major Cranberry Insect Pests of Wisconsin (pdf)

Redheaded Flea Beetle (pdf)

Soil Insect Pest of Wisconsin Cranberry Production (pdf)

Sparganothis Fruitworm (pdf)

Cranberry Diseases

Black Rot (pdf)

Cottonball Disease of Cranberry (pdf)

Cranberry Fruit Rot Diseases in Wisconsin (pdf)

Early Rot in Wisconsin (pdf)

Early Rot (pdf)

End Rot (pdf)

Figuring Out Stem Gall (pdf)

Fungal Leaf Spot Diseases (pdf)

Infection of Cranberry Flowers by Monilinia oxycocci (pdf)

Protoventuria Leaf Spot and Berry Speckle (pdf)

Red Shoot Disease (pdf)

Upright Dieback and Viscid Rot (pdf)

Upright Dieback vs Uprights Dying Back (pdf)

Blunt-Nosed Leafhopper & False Blossom Disease

Blunt-Nosed Leafhopper Fact Sheet

Recommendations for Blunt-Nosed Leafhopper Management

Blunt-Nosed Leafhopper: A Vector of False Blossom Disease

A Woman Parasite Hunter

This project was funded in part by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Western Integrated Pest Management Center.